Touch for Health 2016, All levels: 1-4 Offered Once Per Year

Each year I offer a Touch for Health "All in One!". This includes all four levels, held in sequence, one after the other, here at my home in Sandy, Utah. Because I hold the classes at my home, with low overhead, I can offer them at a discounted rate. People can take all four levels, (with the discount) or just one or two levels (still below prince but not with the full discount). People who want to repeat a level or two can participate at half the cost of the regular fee. ^_^

This coming year 2016, I am offering the "All in One" March 16-24. There are four days of TFH, one Sunday off, then four more days, in order to cover all four levels ~ at a savings of: 356.00 USD, for those who register early! 

I love Touch for Health! It is the grandpa of all the Kinesiologies. It is so grounding, so practical, so flexible. I find that students continue to use the material for years to come and it augments all the other studies and techniques they may take in the future.

Come, play and learn with us! It is a great opportunity!

Call or write to me using the "Contact" information here on my website, or in the flyer below: